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"We adopted Maya from Street Souls Dog Rescue in October when she was just 2 months old. It was just by chance we found her and we are so glad we did! Maya came to Monica  from the Dominican Republic after being rescued by DCDR. The process was very fast and went off without a hitch. Monica and all the other volunteers of the organizations she works alongside truly care about all these animals, and want them all to have the best homes. Maya is the sweetest, happiest, most affectionate little puppy you can imagine and she made herself right at home with us from day one. We would recommend to anyone, without hesitation, to adopt a dog through Street Souls Dog Rescue. Our experience was excellent and we can't say enough good things about all the hard work Monica does to find homes for these wonderful island dogs!"
~ Robert

"I adopted Miles from Street Souls Dog Rescue last November and it was the best decision! I was looking at various organizations and found this one the most hands-on.  Monica  was very thorough, patient and supportive before, during and after the adoption! I cannot praise enough about her and the wonderful foster parents that take care of these puppies! This group truly focuses in making good matches and wants to ensure that owner and puppy are happy and satisfied. Miles is a laid back, calm and sweet pup who has grown and adapted so well to his new life in Canada. To all prospective adopters, I would 100% recommend Street Souls Dog Rescue!"
~ Serina

" Best choice I ever made. Ended up with a beautiful dog, made a great friend in Monica (who loves each dog like they are her own). Would highly recommend getting your dog through Monica. She will make your adoption experience exceptional!"
~ Joanna

"We got our precious Nilla through street souls dog rescue, and Monica. Nilla was not a puppy. She was about a year old. She was exactly what we were looking to add to our life. She is sweet cuddly and such an inspiration because we can tell she had a bit of a tough life before she was found, and everyday she overwhelms us with love and snuggles. If u are looking for a dog or puppy, these people helped us find our perfect match and forever fur baby. The best experience we could have ever had. Thank you Monica and Street Souls Dog Rescue."
~ Heather

" Because of Street Souls Dog Rescue (and of course Monika) we have our dream dog. I had been in touch with local HS's before this past Christmas & still today, going on 3 1/2 months have yet to hear from them. With Monika, I was contacted almost immediately & given instructions how to apply. After filling out adoption form it was less than a week we were shown a picture of a puppy that fit our requests. We were kept up to date with the puppies progress with emails & pictures & within roughly 3 weeks we met her for the 1st time at the airport. Monika made the adoption process professional along with complete concern for each dogs welfare by screening each adopter before accepting their applications. Monika also has been a great help with any concerns or questions since the adoption. I highly recommend adopting from these caring souls."
~ Barbara

" I am so happy that I found Street Souls Dog Rescue; we were looking to adopt for quite some time and all the other rescue organizations I contacted were either charging huge fees, or by the time they checked your application - your dog of choice was already adopted! It was a really frustrating process, when you make plans to drive across the province to see a dog, and the day before you find out she already found a home. Finally I came across an adoption ad for my dog Saba; I was so nicely surprised that I got a response right away from Monica. We met the dog at our convenience, and took her home that day. The adoption process was a breeze, and Monica was really supportive. We keep in touch all the time, and she's shared a wealth of info with me over the months. If I have any concern, Monica is always a few clicks away. If you want a smooth adoption process, from wonderful people who really care, do not hesitate to contact Monica @ Street Souls Dog Rescue. You will be nicely surprised, as I was. And one more prepared for your Vira-Lata or Potcake dog to be extra smart! They really have their "street smarts" inbred in them - Saba does not cease to amaze me every day."
~ Magda

" We adopted Rosie( Poddy) a few months ago and she has changed our lives for the better she has been such and amazing pup in the few months we have had her. I definitely recommend this organization as Monica was great! She kept in contact constantly and helped us every step of the way! I could not be happier with our little girl (not so little any more!)"
~ Lauren

" When my husband and I were looking to adopt a dog we were both expecting to get a little terror who was going to need a lot of work to train. Instead we got Vida who is one of the best dogs I have ever met (and I work at a vet clinic) and an absolute sweet heart. She is smart, calm, sweet, and makes us smile every day. From day one she just wanted to be owned and loved. Even though it has only been 3 months she makes us tempted to adopt another dog through the rescue (maybe next year XD ). I should also mention that Monica was kind enough to bring Vida from the airport to our home because we don't have a vehicle, to which we were very grateful. Street Souls Dog Rescue is a great group and I have said such to people I meet who compliment Vida."
~ Jana

" We adopted Junebug (now Luna) in November after losing our retriever in September and she has become our little Miley's best friend. Luna is the best dog we could have asked for. After search high and low at all the shelters, DCDR was the best choice for our family!"
~ Christine

"  I couldn't be happier with our little trash-can-tipper! She is honestly the most well tempered and loving puppy! Her transition into our lives was instant and her and our cat are best friends. She is super smart and picks up new skills really quickly. I couldn't imagine life without her."
~ Heather

" Adopting Mya (Playa) was an amazing experience! I also was sceptical at first but Monica was so great at answering all my questions and put my mind at ease. I got many pictures sent to me in the weeks leading up to her arrival which was great and exciting. At the airport Monica and a Canadian foster couple answered more of our questions about how to make Mya's transition to Canadian life easier which was great! Everything went smoothly at the airport and we left knowing if we had any questions or concerns Street Souls Dog Rescue was still there for us! I keep in touch with the wonderful woman who fostered Mya in Dominican as Mya wouldn't be alive if not for her! I have recommended this organization to many people since and will continue to do so! Thank you for our baby girl couldn't imagine life without her!"
~ Lisa

" My family and I had such an amazing experience from Street Souls Dog Rescue, with our first pup Luna, a few months later we adopted another. I would highly recommend this rescue agency. Monica, sent us almost daily pictures as well as updates on both of our pups from the Foster mum. Altho our pups came fully vaccinated, we still took them to the vet for a check up, and the entire vet as well as staff were very impressed with the health of both pups, temperament and how well they were looked after once they were put into foster. Thank you to Monica, and Street Souls for completing our family with our two beautiful girls."
~ Stephanie

" Where do I even start? Monica was absolutely amazing helping us to adopt Stella. I told Monica exactly what I was looking for and she met all of our requirements (we live in a condo so it was tough finding one so small). She provided us with all the information we needed along with multiple pictures and videos. We received multiple follow up check in's to make sure we were doing ok and that Stella had settled right in. I encourage any potential dog owner to rescue from Street Souls Dog Rescue, you will not regret it."
~ Christina

" Amazing experience! You can tell this rescue agency really cares about all the dogs they are helping. Our vet was impressed with the medical care this agency provided. For us, Monica was our contact and was excellent to deal with she very helpful, knowledgable and organized. We couldn't be happier, a really great experience."
~ Deanna

" We had a great experience and got a wonderful puppy to join our family in Toronto. Everyone has been so helpful and encouraging. our new addition"
~ Nadene

"  Adopting Pink was a big step after losing our beloved Shaylah 7 years ago. Pink has been a true blessing to our lives and has brought us much happiness...can't imagine her not being with us now."
~ Nancy

" As an aside...we have had dogs all my life and have as an adult always had dogs. We were military and moved a lot. These pooches are so loyal and sweet it boggles my mind. Do not get one of these if you don't want a dog that loves you to their fullest. My Della is her big brothers best friend (he is a quiet reserved type), she adores my kids (so happy to know that top bunk didn't eat you overnight! Wheee!!) and wuvs her mommy. She has been so easy to train with the tiniest treat & random reinforcement. No issues. You will not find a more appreciative soul."
~ Laura

"Does it count if I am a rescuer entrusting the dogs we save to SSDR? In case it does, I will say that after rescuing these babies and fostering them, we become incredibly attached and protective. The next step; finding a trustworthy group that will rehome them abroad can be terrifying.. we have to feel very sure that our babies will safe and the potential owners vetted with care and discretion. Street Souls is one of a VERY short list of rescues that has my utter trust and respect in this. Their TOP priority is these dogs. They dedicate every free moment to making sure they are safe and healthy, that the match is good and the home is a wonderful one. Don't know what I would do without them! (and btw their Potcakes Are AMAZING!)"
~ Angie


"Fantastic rescue organization! We got our dog from this group. They were very thorough, respectful and really want the best for their dogs and their new families. They provided medical history and even some medication that our dog needed initially. Monica was very helpful with any advice. Our dog is 100% healthy and happy and we couldn't be happier to have her with us. I have and will continue to recommend this group to other people."

~ Bobbi


"Love that the dogs come first & very caring people. We adopted our Bambi through Hilary & she made the process easy & is cautious with the families home & how the dogs will be treated."



"Awesome people, the dogs come first which is the way it should be.

Thanks to all the people we met through the adoption process, Monica, and Brendan were fantastic.

Keep up the good work, we appreciate being allowed to adopt Marli, shes amazing!

We look forward to helping out in the future some way, either fostering, picking dogs up etc, as soon as Marli is all settled in."



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