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Thank you for considering helping Street Souls Dog Rescue. We are volunteer based organization and always happy to see people willing to help in connecting homeless pets with their new forever homes. It takes a lot of work to make it happen and there are many different tasks to perform in order for the adoption process to go smoothly. Here are some of those tasks we usually would need help with:

Fostering: If you agree to foster a dog, you will agree to provide him/her with a roof over their heads, caring for them, assisting with special needs, organizing meet and greet with potential adopters. Food and supplies will be provided by SSDR. We will need you to be able to commit to it until the home is found, unless otherwise agreed on prior to making a commitment.

Airport Duty: Every puppy coming in to the country needs to be picked up at the airport and dropped off at the foster or forever home, unless otherwise arranged. If you agree to do this, we would train you and reimburse you for the parking fee and gas.

Transport: There are times when we need to transport a dog from one province to another or across Ontario or just within the city. If you agree to serve as a doggy chauffeur, you would need to use your own car and you would be reimbursed the gas costs.

Travel Companion: If you travel back to Canada from Puerto Plata or Punta Cana in Dominican Republic, or Eleuthera, Abaco or Nassau in the Bahamas, you could become a travel companion for a pup or two. All costs covered, you just need to take a pup with you as a carry on in the cabin, or in cargo. Dog will have all required papers and will be picked up at the destination.

Home checks: In order to approve the applicant for adoption, we need to visit them in their home to talk about the adoption process and check the place for safety and comfort of the dog. This is the best way to make sure the dog will go to the loving home where he/she will be safe and well cared for. If you agree to do it, you will be trained by one of our members.

Donation collection: Many times we are offered various items donated to us that need to be collected and dropped off either at the airport or at one of our homes for further distribution. 

Adoption Processing: If you feel like you can take more responsibility on your shoulders, you could be given a task of overseeing the adoption process from the beginning to the end. You would then be responsible for a particular dog's adoption which would involve any or all of the tasks above. You would be trained and provided with directives and any other help required. 

Fundraising: In the future we would like to hold the fundraising events. We need people who  have the experience and creative ideas to help us run one or to assist with.

Other: If you feel there are other ways you could be of an asset to SSDR, please let us know in the Other comment area below. Anything that can be of help to make an adoption process easier is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for stepping up! :)

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